Remember, the government can't do anything right.

So, this seems like important news:

Researchers in the US have overcome a key barrier to making nuclear fusion reactors a reality. In results published in Nature, scientists have shown that they can now produce more energy than put into igniting fuel, at least on an experimental scale. The use of fusion as a source of energy remains a long way off, but the latest development is an important step toward that goal.

But wait, what's this? The National Ignition Facility is federally funded?

Why are we wasting taxpayers' money on what is obviously a boondoggle to line the wallets of fat-cat scientists and researchers? Do they really need more gold-plated oscilloscopes and mink-lined propellor beanies?

Obviously, this technology should be turned over to private industry to be patented and kept out of the grasping hands of the poors.

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