Nice public broadcasting you've got there

Interesting. One more reason to dislike PBS's NewsHour:

Most Americans likely assume that the NewsHour (which, after all, is made with support from viewers like you) is actually owned and produced by PBS. It is an understandable assumption considering PBS’s own president declared that the NewsHour “is ours, and ours alone,” and further considering that the program receives millions of public dollars every year.

However, since 1994, the NewsHour has been produced and primarily owned by the for-profit colossus, Liberty Media. Liberty, which is run by conservative billionaire John Malone, owns the majority stake in MacNeil/Lehrer Productions – the entity that produces the journalistic content of the show. While other standalone public television projects are often produced by small independent production companies, the NewsHour stands out for being owned by a major for-profit media conglomerate headed by a politically active billionaire.

I have vague recollections from childhood of my parents watching The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, and maybe it was a decent show back then. Now, NewsHour seems like it is mostly a vehicle for tote-bag liberals to make themselves feel good by watching Gwen Ifill and "reasonable conservatives" like David Brooks blather about centrist politics.

It's not clear to me what purpose organizations like PBS (or NPR, for that matter) serve anymore. When I do watch or listen, every single show is chock-a-block with lists of lists of "underwriters", the vast majority of which are corporations. Call it underwriting if you want, but isn't this just advertising?

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