Vladimir's Big Adventure

Fred Kaplan, writing at Slate about the fevered response to Russia's sending of troops into the Ukraine:

Just as Putin is not as much in command as many Western hawks suppose, Russia is not as great a power as Putin himself likes to project. It’s at best a regional power, with no global reach. Even his incursion into Crimea is hardly an imperial gesture. Leonid Brezhnev sent five tank divisions into Czechoslovakia. (Now that was aggression!) U.S. military advisers estimate that the Russian army could invade eastern Ukraine if Putin so ordered, but they say it’s much less clear how long they could sustain an occupation, especially with even sporadic insurgent resistance.

Not everything is the Cold War. In fact, aside from the actual Cold War, very few things are the Cold War.

Sadly, most of the US political sphere seems to be too busy spending time in the bathroom with shirtless pictures of Putin and well-thumbed copies of Red Storm Rising to realize that we are most likely not talking about the end of the world here.

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