Experimenting with posting from Drafts

I like Drafts quite a bit as a general-purpose starting point for text-based stuff on my phone. It's a nice little editor, but has some pretty cool and extensible workflow bits built in as well.

I already use it as the place where I start most of my emails, reminders, tweets, and journal entries. Those are all based on the app's built-in actions. Given that I use Pelican and Dropbox as the tool chain for publishing to my blog, and Drafts supports a bunch of custom Dropbox actions, I figure it shouldn't be rocket science to hook all that together.

If all goes as planned, I should be able to type a post up in Drafts on my phone, call a custom action, and then have it save to Dropbox with the proper Markdown formatting and file name to go straight to my blog. If you're reading this now, then hooray! It worked!

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