I think it's time for Batman to take a break.

This review from Badass Digest pretty well sums up my feelings regarding Gotham:

There are a lot of problems facing Gotham, but it’s this tonal one that seems to be the biggest. It’s what makes the show simply ridiculous, as opposed to fun or comic book-y. There’s a fine line between campy goodness and cartoonish badness, and Gotham clearly has no idea where that line is drawn. What’s doubly troubling about the show’s tone is that it’s only going to get cartoonier - this is the third episode and we have assassination by weather balloon, so where is the series going to go as it hits multiple seasons? By the time Batman shows up the show will be a full-on Schumacherian gigglefest.

I had been planning to stick with the show for a few more episodes to see if it manages to find its feet. After this latest round of reviews, though, I am beginning to wonder if is worth the time.

Like I said after last week’s episode, I have the first season of Agents of SHIELD in mind, wherein I was ready to give up halfway through, but now find myself glad I kept watching. The problem is that AoS, while uninspired and somewhat meandering in the first half of its first season, was never outright bad. The same can not be said of Gotham.

DC would do well to just put Batman and Superman on the shelf for a while. These characters and their stories have been revisited relentlessly on TV and film over the last twenty years (to say nothing of the fact that the comics have been in nonstop publication for much, much longer). Is it any wonder that this show is struggling to find an interesting take on the Batman mythology? Or that the last round of Superman films have been consistently dull?

You want interesting comic book movies and TV shows? Arrow has demonstrated that second-tier characters can be just as interesting (if not more so) than the big names. While I don’t really want to see a big-screen Zatanna adaptation, there is a rather long list to choose from. At this point, I would rather see a Firestorm show or movie than another re-imagining of Batman or Superman.

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