There is a pretty good takedown of the "EMF radiation" nonsense at GigaOm:

Once our bodies are exposed to radiation, it penetrates our tissue and scatters. At high enough levels, radiation heats our tissue. Many studies have investigated levels of exposure that are below those that cause tissue heating, and the research suggests that there is no discernible adverse health effects from this low level of exposure. There is also no evidence that exposure to electromagnetic fields causes “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” that some people report.

Sadly, there is probably no reasoning with the people who believe cell towers and wireless routers are constantly bombarding them with death rays.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I suspect a lot of this sort of stuff is due to people's poor understanding of science. "Radiation" is bad—it comes from atomic bombs and turns people into horrible mutants. Wait, what's that you say? My phone emits radiation?! ZOMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!

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