Little pink houses, for you and me.

From a Rolling Stone article about Tea Party politics in Lima, OH:

Chaffins found opportunity in the city of Lima, a manufacturing boomtown where there were so many factories, as one retired autoworker recently told me, ”you could walk into a place, get a job without even a high school diploma, and if you didn’t like it, you could quit, walk across the street and have another job that afternoon.”

Reminds me of going to tech conferences or reading blogs where Silicon Valley and San Francisco types are going on about how "everyone is hiring" and how easy it is to find a job.

Overall, it is a depressing and scary read, like a long-form version of John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses"—people who do everything they are supposed to do, but still end up getting screwed by a combination of geography, bad luck, economic forces beyond their control, and a broken system.

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