Medium's on it, bro!

I guess I should just be glad that this guy realizes paid gym memberships and free booze aren't normal:

In the startup world, there are perks we consider standard that not many employees in other industries would even ask for.

Catered lunches. Gym memberships. Xboxes and foosball tables. “Paid paid” vacation. Kegerators, and when we get sick of those, company happy hours.

We’re very fortunate. We’re also coddled.

Mostly, though, I'm thinking "Christ, what an asshole."

This post reads like one of those clueless NYT Lifestyle section articles with titles like "Finding a decent apartment for under $1M!" The writer feels like s/he has stumbled upon some deep insight, when it is really something anyone with half a brain and a bit of perspective could figure out fairly easily.

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