Meg & Mog

Via a completely random chain of links on the web, I have made the happy and exciting discover that there is a whole video series based on Helen Nicoll and Jan Bienkowski’s “Meg & Mog” books:

Being a silly American, I had never even heard of Meg and Mog until my first kid was born. We inherited a fairly large collection of kids books from my in-laws, whose kids had outgrown board books and picture books. Among this haul were several Meg and Mog books, and they turned out to be huge hits.

Meg is a witch, and Mog is her cat. There is also Owl, who is (yes, you guessed it) an owl. Meg, Mog, and Owl have various adventures, and Meg’s spells seldom tend to work out quite the way she plans.

So far, I have only watched a few episodes of the video series, but the ones I have watched are every bit as amusing as the books.

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