Started reading Jane Smiley's *Some Luck*

I started reading Jane Smiley's new novel Some Luck over the weekend. I have not gotten very far yet, but I am liking it so far.

The book is told in third-person singular, although the point of view hops around from one character to another. Very early in the book, the POV switches to a character who is less than a year old. I am generally skeptical of this sort of narrative, as it seems like an author trying to be fancy. Smiley pulls it off pretty well, though.

I noticed that my initial reaction when the POV changed to the baby was "Oh no—something bad is going to happen to the kid." I almost put the book down, and had to force myself to keep reading. It is a reaction I have started having since (unsurprisingly) I had my first kid. Sometimes, as in this case of this book, I keep going. Other times, mostly with movies, I stop watching.

The issue is mostly that putting a kid in danger strikes me as being a cheap narrative device, and one that I have become (unsurprisingly) much less tolerant of since having children of my own. While it's not the sort of thing that will turn me off outright, I find I am highly skeptical of its deployment in both books and movies.

That is all really just a sidebar, though, as it hasn't actually happened (at least not yet) in this book.

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