Dilbert is not funny.

There is a Dilbert strip that has been making the rounds on Twitter the last few days:

It is usually accompanied by some pithy comment like "So true" or "This nails it!"

I should state up front that, generally speaking, I dislike Dilbert. At best, it is court theater, a safe way for disaffected corporate employees to feel like they are Sticking It To The Man without thinking too deeply or actually doing anything. You print it out on the office network printer, pin it to your cubicle wall (assuming your office hasn't switched to a "open" floor plan to Encourage Innovation and Growth Hacking), everyone gets a chuckle ("So true!"), and then goes back to whatever they were already doing.

This particular strip is a great example of the problem with Dilbert in general. Is it funny? Sure. Is it something that we have probably all thought at one time or another? Probably. Is the proposed solution, obvious though it may seem, even remotely practical? Not in the slightest.

Ask any four people for a solution "that makes sense" to a complicated problem, and you are likely to get four completely different (and usually mutually exclusive) answers. Everyone thinks her/his particular solution is the one that makes sense, and therefore finds the notion the notion of change management to be absurd.

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