"Jack Deth is back, and he's never even been here before!"

Ben Bussey has a great write-up on the blu-ray release of 1985's Trancers:

An early directorial effort from now-legendary low budget schlockmaster Charles Band, it spawned five sequels in the following two decades, and began a long-running collaboration between Band’s Full Moon Entertainment and leading man Tim Thomerson… and, until now, I’ve been oblivious to pretty much all of it. Oh, I’ve long been aware that the Trancers movies existed, but somehow I’ve never wound up actually seeing any of them, nor even having any idea what they were about. Well, the first movie at least is an energetic hodge-podge of bits and pieces fleeced from Blade Runner and The Terminator, with perhaps a hint of Scanners, and a liberal smattering of cartoonish hard-boiled cop heroics. Plus new wave Helen Hunt.

Man–I loved, loved, LOVED this movie when I first saw it. It was a VHS rental from MovieTyme Video in Beech Grove, Indiana, and utterly ridiculous. I was sixteen, though, with a lot of spare time on my hands, so my tolerance for ridiculousness was pretty low.

Here's the trailer:

"I'm from another time, another world. I don't even know what you people eat for lunch!"

And besides–how could you not love a movie with a scooter chase?

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