My new favorite comic: Rachel Rising

I read Volume 3 of Terry Moore's Rachel Rising last night. I really just can't recommend this book strongly enough.

When I first read Kirkman's Invincible, I tore through the first run of issues very quickly, binge-reading one after the other. Then, at some point, my interest began to wane—the story just wasn't holding me. Same deal with The Walking Dead. I figured the same thing would happen with Rachel Rising, but here I am, antsy to buy the fourth volume from Comixology.

It's just that good.

The series starts when Rachel Beck wakes up and digs her way out of a grave. She was strangled, died, and now has come back to life. She doesn't know why, and she can't remember who killed her.

And then things start to get weird.

I said on Twitter last week that I don't understand why this book isn't on everyone's year-end Best Of lists. The characters are great, the plot keeps you guessing without getting too convoluted or leaving you feeling strung along, and Moore's art is nothing short of stellar.

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