NYPD v. de Blasio, and NYC politics

Much of the small amount of space in my Facebook feed that is not these insipid "Year in review" posts is people sharing articles from the NY Post about the NYPD fighting with Mayor de Blasio. It is like they think the Post is an actual news source, not The Worst Newspaper On Earth, which gives a bad name to the trash cans into which it is quite rightly tossed.

While I have never actually lived in New York City, I have been around it enough and known enough people there to realize that it is a fool's errand to try to interpret broader trends through the lens of its politics.

While the current brouhaha between the mayor and the NYPD is disturbing on a number of levels, it is a vastly more complicated relationship than much of the current commentary acknowledges, and one that is informed/shaped by decades' (or more) worth of history.

I am not defending the ridiculous and alarming actions of the cops and the belligerent rhetoric of the PBA, most of this stuff should not be taken at its overly obvious face value.

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