Yes, tell me again about the terrible discrimination against religion.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre, and secularism's problem with Islam:

Modern secularism creates a taboo against distinguishing between religions. To judge one in any way superior to another is a step away from enlightenment and civilization, and a step toward the Thirty Years War. You are allowed to mock and hate Islam, but must make a show of doing it "equally" to other religions. You are also allowed to respect religion, but the same principle applies. This brigade of pieties exists to prevent acts of hatred and to stifle prejudice, but it inadvertently guards against any intelligent conversation about religion.

What a load of horseshit.

"Secularism" (and it is highly amusing to see it cast here as some sort of organized, formal movement) does nothing of the sort. What it does is attempt to strip away the privileged social and political position that religion has enjoyed up until only very recently. In the West, that means Christianity.

As is typical with any privileged group, even the slightest encroachment upon that privilege is cast as the most severe sort of persecution and greeted with histrionics.

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