Buzzkill alert: This snow is no joke.

Jesus H. Christ:

If Boston gets more than 10 inches [in this storm], as predicted, it will have seen more snow in the past three weeks than Chicago has ever had in an entire winter.

Heavy snow had moved into parts of eastern Massachusetts by early Sunday, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham.

Three to eight inches of snow had fallen across parts of the region with the heaviest in Boxford in Essex County, which recorded 13 inches, Dunham said. Boston was also getting hit with heavy snow. Winds across the area were also increasing in intensity.

Before it is all over, southern New England could get several more inches and Maine could see up to 2 feet, weather forecasters said.

But New York City is unaffected, so who cares, right?

While I live in Western Massachusetts and not in Boston, I get the impression that people outside the region just don't get the rather apocalyptic conditions in Boston and the surrounding area right now. I see a lot of responses in Twitter and Facebook along the lines of "Enjoy it!" and "I miss snow, send some my way hahaha!"

People can't get to work. Businesses are closed. Public transit, if it is even running, is barely functional. Many streets, where cleared at all, are down to one lane because there is no place to put the snow.

I hate to be a buzzkill, but while there aren't bombs falling or mass starvation and disease, there are a lot of people that are seriously suffering as a result of these storms right now. Please give it some thought before posting your light-hearted, joking response about how great winter is. This is not a normal winter.

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