Dan Burton, still a moron

Dan Burton defends vaccine concerns on CNN:

"I'm for vaccinations, but we need to get the mercury out of all of them," Burton told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"Well, are you against breastfeeding?" Cooper asked?

Burton replied that he is not.

"OK, but you are aware that methylmercury is actually in breast milk that's given to children?" Cooper asked "If the child is only breastfed, they get more methylmercury than they would ever have gotten in any of the vaccines. You're aware of that, right?"

Burton replied that he is not an expert on breastfeeding.

When he was still in Congress, Dan Burton came to speak to my AP US History class. Ostensibly, he was there to talk to us about how young people could become involved in politics. Instead, he started off pushing some bill he was sponsoring at the time to withdraw foreign aid from any nation "sending drugs into our country."

My class basically tore him apart on the topic. As I recall, we got him to actually say that the U.S. should send troops into these "drug countries," and it went downhill for him from there.

I recall being shocked at the time that an elected member of the federal government could be such a clown, and could support such poorly thought-through policies. Suffice it to say that I am no longer surprised to hear something like this from him.

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