If you don't like the law, then fix it.

Richard Mayhew, blogging at Balloon Juice talking about potential Republican alternatives to the Affordable Care Act:

Status quo bias is immensely strong in healthcare politics as Democrats have been getting kicked in the groin on status quo changes for the past three election cycles. However he goes off the rails when he says the public would like a bit of PPACA and a bit of Hatch/Burr/Upton but there is one big block to that:

If Democrats would just admit Obamacare needs some pretty big fixes, and Republicans would be willing to work on making those fixes by putting some of these good ideas on the table, the American people would be a lot better off


Democrats have been offering fixes, tweaks and changes to PPACA since the ink dried on Obama’s signature in March, 2010. Just in 2013/ 2014, there was a proposal to add a Copper plan level, there was a proposal to tweak ministry plans, there was a proposal to delay the sunsetting of non-compliant plans, there was a proposal to tweak expatriate coverage, Democrats have been proposing numerous fixes, tweaks and modifications to a basic structure of a guarantee issue, subsidized, mandated insurance tripod. Right now the Republican response has been fuck you, let’s revert to status-quo of the Bush Administration.

This post gets at a particular pet peeve of mine.

Small/anti-government types would have us believe that all government regulation is bad. It will be misused, abused, gamed, or captured, and we would all be better off if we just let the unencumbered market magically produce the optimal outcomes for everyone.

But, like basically everything else produced by humans, laws and regulations don't spring forth fully-formed and perfect. You pass a law or write a regulation to address a problem, you find some problems with it in the implementation (or understand that, for whatever reason, it came out of the gate with flaws), and then you work to address those problems as they arise.

At least, that is how a realistic, sane person would approach it. Right-wing ideologues, on the other hand, want to point to those flaws as evidence that the entire law should be trashed, while at the same time, opposing any attempts to fix those problems.

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