If your architecture is a mess, rapid deployment is probably the last thing you need.

Yesterday on Twitter, via a retweet from Simon Wardley, I ran across this tweet from Jan Wiersma:

Okay.. So Docker management is still going to be painful at scale, just like the VM-sprawl we endured. #cfgmgmtcamp

To which I responded:

@jmwiersma @swardley anything that facilitates deployment of stuff (apps/products/svcs) will become painful at scale w/o some hard thought

Containerization is a fantastic technology. So is virtualization. That said, neither is going to help you clean up the mess you have made by not thinking through how you are going to configure and manage all the bits that you are using those technologies to roll out.

In fact, because that virtualization and containerization remove artificial roadblocks (hardware ordering and provisioning in the former case, server and OS requirements in the latter case) from the process of building out your systems infrastructure, they are only going to make the mess worse.

Do yourself a favor and take at least a bit of time to sort out your configuration management practices before you start throwing new technology at your stack.

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