Reform conservatism is snake oil and Jeb Bush is a terrible person.

The Washington Post describes "reform conservative" Jeb Bush’s speech to a Detroit audience yesterday:

In his remarks Wednesday, Bush did not offer a complete theory for why the middle class has struggled and did not propose new ideas to change the trend -- saying they'll come later. Rather, he offered a few guiding principles for the policy solutions he promised to offer in the weeks to come. And those principles veered into familiar GOP ground.

"Something," he said, talking about workers frustrated by a lack of economic opportunity, "is holding them back." The speech fingered exactly one possible culprit for that: government. He gave examples: Government that shuts down small business owners for not paying licensing fees,. Government that loses money collecting parking fines and selling snacks on Amtrak trains. Government that protects taxi cabs, restaurants and brick-and-mortar retailers from competition.

Nope, WaPo, that's his complete theory.

Forced to finally admit that there exists vast economic inequalities in this country, the GOP will do its level best to pin the blame not where it belongs (namely, on the very policies they have spent decades promoting), but rather on government itself.

Jeb Bush is no different than the rest of the bunch, and "reform conservatism" is a pathetically transparent to rebrand Republicans' faith-based free marketist zealotry in the face of increasing public skepticism and weariness.

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