The new Terminator movie looks alright.

I saw on Twitter this morning that a new Terminator:Genisys ad aired last night, so I went to check it out. In son doing, I realized that I had never watched the first one.

You know what? This movie doesn’t seem all that terrible. As the trailer wrapped up, I found myself thinking, “I’d watch that.”

It could, of course, totally suck. Trailers can be highly deceptive that way. That said, it looks pretty fun, and I appreciate that the writers appear to have totally blown up the timeline(s) from the earlier films.

That particular point seems to be a bone of some contention on the Internets, but I am of the firm opinion that no time travel story ever makes sense. Given that, why not have some fun with it and screw around with your audience’s expectations?

And I have to admit–I really liked the “I’ve been waiting a long time for you” Schwarzenegger reveal.

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