Comics: *Descender* No. 1

I just read the first issue of the Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's new comic Descender. It is off to quite a good start.

The backstory is that at some point in the far future, a galactic empire is suddenly attacked by mysterious giant robots, one deployed to each of the empire's nine planets. Some years after the attack, after the planets have descended into some degree of chaos, a "child companion" robot wakes up after ten years to find himself the sole survivor of a mining colony accident. By the end of the issue, we find out he may be related to the aforementioned mysterious giant robots.

Nguyen's watercolor artwork is quite lovely, and sets the book apart from most other stuff I have seen. Lemire’s plot, meanwhile, moves along smoothly, and he manages to pull off a decent amount of world-building in this issue without too much terribly obvious expository dialog. I was also impressed with how the narrative hops around between different places and times without losing the thread.

I think I will be adding Descender to my subscriptions to see where it goes.

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