No, Indiana's RFRA is *not* the same as those 19 other states.

Apparently the agreed upon right-wing response to the furor over Indiana's passage of its "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" is to smugly point out that "19 other states have passed the same law" and then challenge dumb/hypocritical liberals to come up with examples of discrimination that has resulted from those laws. Unable to come up with any examples, the poor liberal sap is then asked "Then how come it's such a big deal, huh? HUH?" while being poked aggressively in the chest.

The problem, of course, is that Indiana's version of the law is not the same as the other states' versions.

The RFRA law on the books in all those other states is stupid, but in a more limited way. It exempts individuals from having to do stuff/provide services that they claim would violate their religion. The Indiana law extends this exemption to businesses.

In other states, an individual clerk could refuse to serve a gay person in a store. That is pretty shitty, but gay people can still shop in that store. In Indiana, the store can refuse to serve gay people and throw them out. Same with hotels, restaurants, and any other business.

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