A new Craw Kickstarter

I received the following email from Kickstarter this morning:

The new Craw Kickstarter campaign, a revamping of the 2014 fund-raiser, launches in less than a week. I will post the link here as soon as it's live.

On Monday, 5/4, you will be able to preorder a deluxe 6-LP vinyl box set containing remastered versions of Craw's first three albums (1993's s/t, 1994's 'Lost Nation Road' and 1997's 'Map, Monitor, Surge'). Aqualamb will design the set—including a 100-page softbound book featuring complete lyrics, new liner notes and previously unpublished photos and interviews–and Northern Spy Records will release it in a limited edition of 300 copies.

No word on whether they will be releasing digital (either CD or MP3) versions of any of the albums. The package described here sounds like the high-end option that was part of the previous campaign.

If you are not familiar with Craw, they were a post-rock band that was active in Cleveland in the very early 1990's. Their stuff is hard to find these days, which is a shame, as they were a superb band, somewhat stylistically similar to Goat-era Jesus Lizard, but with vastly more complex song structures.

"Sound of Every Promise" is the opening track of their 1994 album Lost Nation Road:

Hopefully this Kickstarter will get more traction than the last attempt.

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