The insistence that children be forced to learn harsh lessons early is bizarre.

Someone I follow on Twitter just posted:

When I was a kid, we didn't "graduate" kindergarten. Oh and my teacher has a huge paddle and I FEARED HER

While he does not directly say so, the implication is that that was better, which seems crazy to me.

I do not mean to single out the poster. it seems to be a fairly common sentiment—that we coddle children and do them some sort of disservice by treating them too well. The argument is usually something along the lines of "Life is hard. You don't always get what you want and people aren't going to congratulate you for everything. Kids need to learn that."

The first parts of that statement are true, but I just do not get the insistence that kids need to learn how hard life can be when they are five. The desire that so many people seem to have for these "hard lessons" to be forced on little kids seems mean and bitter to me.

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