"The Other Sixties"

Susan Jacoby, The Age Of American Unreason, p.137:

For different reasons, many liberals have also downplayed the significance of the conservative sixties—the Other Sixties that formed a counter-counterculture. In liberal mythology, especially the mythol-ogy of those who participated actively in various dissident movements, the sixties were supposed to have been “our” time. It is still difficult for liberals of my generation to stomach the historical fact that the children of the sixties included not only those who helped bring down Lyndon Johnson’s presidency but those who voted for Richard Nixon in 1968 and worked to create the “Reagan revolution” a scant six years after Nixon was driven from office by Watergate. One component of this emotional denial may be the guilt of many graying radicals at having helped elect Nixon by staying away from the polls in 1968.

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