Why I (mostly) stopped using Linux

  1. Run into weird problem with Open Source App X.
  2. Do a bunch of googling of said weird problem.
  3. Find link to forum post dated 2009, describing exactly the problem I am having. All replies to post are "I'm having this same problem! Does anyone know how to fix it?" Last reply is dated 2013.
  4. Find another link to a more recent discussion forum. On page 3, it links back to the post from #3 above.
  5. Google result far down the page is a blog post suggesting compiling a more recent version of Open Source App X from source
  6. Download source, attempt make/install, run into dependency on more recent version of either gcc or some library than my distro has.
  7. Download that source, attempt to make/install, go back to #6. Repeat a few times until I have almost forgotten the problem I was originally trying to solve.
  8. Google "alternatives to Open Source Application X, find a blog post linking to a project on Github that appears to be just the thing I'm looking for.
  9. Return to step #1.
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