I really hope Bimodal IT is intended as descriptive, not prescriptive.

What Gartner’s Bimodal IT Model Means to Enterprise CIOs | CIO:

Bimodal IT echoes a presentation I saw several years ago from Will Forrest of McKinsey, who said thatCEOs are so tired of how poorly their IT organizations are performing that they’re setting up separate organizations to pursue new opportunities.

The implication is clear -- traditional IT is on borrowed time and faces a future where it is consigned to unimportance. It may, in fact, be too late for enterprise IT to do anything about this.

I think Gartner's "Bimodal IT" is basically nonsense as a solution to anything. However, I agree with the notion expressed here.

The fact that an outfit like Gartner's has to come with and shop around an idea like Bimodal IT at all is a good indicator that "traditional IT" is on borrowed time. While IT departments of the classic sort will likely continue to exist for a good while longer, they owe that more to the inertia of the companies and technologies they support than to any merits of their own.

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