Jurgen Appelo on why information radiators don't work

Information Radiators Don't Work | Jurgen Appelo | LinkedIn:

I once attached a big, colorful note to the inside of the front door of my house as a reminder not to forget my wallet, my keys, my phone, and several other items I often left at home. The note worked—for one week. But after a week, I didn’t see the note anymore. It had become part of my normal environment. It stopped being remarkable. The same applies to the tiny pair of wooden shoes I have dangling from the front window of my car. I put them there as a reminder to keep track of the car’s mileage. It worked for a few days, but then the shoes became just another car accessory. Likewise, there are plenty of improvement boards in the world radiating harder than the Argentinean sun, but, after a promising start, they often stopped energizing anyone to improve anything.

This point is super-important. It applies to any venue intended for the regular dispersal of information. No matter how critical you think it is and how many emails, blog posts, or Slack updates you send out about it, people will, in very short order, adapt to it and start ignoring it.

Appelo doesn't offer any solutions in his post, but that's fine. There isn't a solution.

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