Martin Longman on voting v. organizing

The Voting Mentality vs. the Organizing Mentality by Martin Longman | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly:

Elections come at the end of a long process. Elections always involve choices that were made for you by politically organized people. Controlling the choices is most of the battle, and thinking that you’ve lost your influence because you couldn’t get off work to attend a caucus is a bit misplaced. If you want to make a difference, you’ll organize a dozen people to attend the caucus that you couldn’t attend yourself.

This is the difference between passively participating in the election process and in actually getting power.

I feel like these two things have been conflated and confused as people battle over how the nominees are selected.

If you want to choose between options, then go vote.

If you want to really change things, that’s going to take a lot more commitment, and not everyone is going to have an equal amount of time, energy, and resources for that. That’s not a flaw in the system. That’s just an inescapable reality.

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