Michael Arnovitz on Hillary Clinton

From a long but good Medium post:

Because take it from me, when you write a piece about Hillary Clinton you get a lot of people who are very excited to tell you she is awful, but considerably less interested in showing you how they know that. Indeed, the vast majority of the anti-Hillary commentariat function as if their accusations and conclusions are simply self-evident. For all of those people however, let me point out a general rule of thumb: the only thing truly evident about people who think that their positions are self-evident is their own intellectual laziness.

And yes I acknowledge that a small number do attempt to elucidate their objections. But even most of those just throw “the list” at you. And we’ve all seen “the list”. This is the collection of random issues, no doubt copied from Facebook memes, that go something like, “I will never support Clinton because of Walmart, Fracking, TPP and (enter your conspiracy theory here).” And apparently in some circles this is considered to be a very persuasive argument. Except it’s not an argument at all, it’s just an arbitrary collection of topics with no accompanying discussion or analysis. And a list without analysis is not a position, it’s just word salad. More accurately, it’s demagoguery masquerading as conviction.

Go read it.

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