Blogging didn't die. It was killed.

I keep seeing tweets and think-pieces about how blogging is dead. Blogging didn't die. It wasn't a passive thing… "Blogging died quietly in its sleep late Tuesday evening, surrounded by its friends and family…" It was killed.

Jeet Heer, writing at New Republic has a theory:

Twitter killed the blogging star. For writers who want to make a splash, the Twitter essay (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!) is the micro-blogging form of choice. But Twitter is just a stand-in for larger trends: media consolidation and co-option by the establishment. Blogging still exists, but not many people today entertain the 10-year-old utopian fantasies that it will change the world.

Blogging was killed when the platforms that supported it were over-monetized outright killed off. You can still blog if you want, but the free options are generally shitty, and the DIY options are a pain in the ass for non-tech-savvy writers.

It's no wonder people head to Twitter or Facebook instead.

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