Call me crazy, but I think Clinton probably knows what she's doing.

Ed Kilgore, calling out a risk he sees in the Clinton campaign's decision to "go big" against the racist, eliminationist rhetoric and people associated with Donald Trump:

All in all, it was a pretty compelling pitch that aggregated a lot of negative material on Trump’s unsavory comments and associations; the ad made more sense once you listened to her explanations. But this tack is not without risks.

For one thing Clinton and her campaign will need to devote far more resources to the kind of explanations she gave in Reno before it will begin to “stick” with voters who aren’t already hip to the ins and outs of white nationalism and Trump’s association with it. There are opportunity costs associated with that investment as well: It won’t leave as much time as she once had to focus on his dubious personal business record, his irresponsible tax plan, his climate-change denialism, and his incoherent foreign policy views.

I don't know, man—there is a lot of time between now and November.

I've seen no small amount of commentary on Twitter following Clinton's speech in Reno today to the effect that, by calling Trump an extremist, she is letting the rest of the GOP off the hook and denying Democrats the ability to tie down-ballot Republicans to his sinking ship. Maybe. My guess, though, is that we will see a much harder line on the rest of the Republicans coming from Clinton's surrogates over the coming weeks, making a much broader case while Clinton herself maintains the high road.

The speech in question was, by the way, quite good. You should go watch it.

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