Cal Newport on Kentaro Toyama's Geek Heresy

In a review of Kentaro Toyama’s Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology, Cal Newport writes:

To step back: Toyama’s book primarily addresses the folly of assuming technology in isolation can solve social problems. But I’m arguing that this warning also applies to the world of work.

As the history of email teaches us, a new technology, no matter how slick, cannot by itself transform a workplace for the better. This remains a deeply human endeavor. We must figure out what it means to work well in the 21st century and then slot in technologies only where and how they fit this plan. These tools cannot do this hard work for us.

Exactly! And it's the same reason all of the attempts to "fix email" with some fancy new app don't actually work either.

The whole post is worth reading, and I think I may need to check out Toyama's book as well.

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