Fact-checking Donald Trump

I have seen a fair amount of commentary following last night's debate around the question of why Hillary Clinton did not press Donald Trump on the various lies he told during the course of the debate.

Here's the thing: Fact-checking someone like Donald Trump is a fool's game. He is a bullshit artist. He lies for a living. Knock down one lie, and two more will sprout in its place. Yes, Clinton could have spent more time pointing out that basically ever fact Trump cited during the debate was wrong, but to what end? So that we can all have a laugh about it and post YouTubes of the take-downs on Facebook? She would come off looking small and petty, the smarty-pants, pointy-headed liberal who can't see the forest for the trees, and Trump will just keep lying anyway.

What Clinton did instead was let him go on and on, and then fairly efficiently took him apart on a higher level. The political commentariat talks a lot about "temperament," but what it comes down to is this: Who do you want as president–the crazy shouty guy, or the person who can quickly figure out how to manage him and put him in a box where he can't hurt anyone?

That, I think, is what Hillary Clinton was after last night, and from what I have seen and read of the debate, she did a pretty good job of it.

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