Justin Trudeau, "a living TED Talk"

The fine folks at Jacobin are not impressed with Justin Trudeau:

This of course is the insidious danger of Justin Trudeau. He is the embodiment of the “edgy white liberal,” a living Ted Talk, a cosmopolitan George W. Bush with Jeb Bartlett’s politics. But his image has been carefully stage-managed, obscuring policies that track much further right than his shirtless photobombs and parade appearances are designed to suggest.

One should bear in mind, of course, that the fine folks at Jacobin tend not to be impressed with much of anything

I don't know a lot about Trudeau, other than that people sure do like to post "Look how awesome he is" stuff on Facebook, which always makes me a bit suspicious. I kind of wonder if he isn't getting a pretty strong tailwind from having followed the odious Steven Harper, kind of like how Pope Francis gets so much good press by making it over the very low "at least he's not a creepy Nazi like the last guy" bar.

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