Missing the entire point of *ST:TNG*

Manu Saadia, [writing at The New Yorker][1] about Star Trek: The Next Generation on the occasion of the original series' fiftieth anniversary:

The drawback of such a utopian premise was that it did away with most of the interpersonal conflicts that are the bread and butter of episodic television dramas, including the original series. Picard and his crew were all human carbon copies of Spock—even-keeled, rational, and almost impossibly ethical. (Spock himself says so of Picard in “Unification,” the one “Next Generation” episode in which he appears.) That left little room for identification. You could aspire to be more like Picard, the very model of compassion and culture, but you could never truly understand his moral universe. He was nothing like us twenty-first-century humans. He was too alien.

While Saadia mentions a number of Next Gen episodes, this statement makes we wonder if he has actually watched any of them. That description seems completely inaccurate to me.

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