Just thinkin' about tomorrow.

If you haven't already, go vote tomorrow. If you don't know where, or what's on your ballot, go to google and search "where do I vote". They've got a pretty nice tool that pulls up localized polling place and ballot info.

Despite all the Democratic hand-wringing of the past week, I think Hillary Clinton will win. I think she will win fairly handily. I think the Obama coalition will hold and that this country's changing demographics will work in her favor. In other words, African Americans, Latinos, women, and all the other groups that the mainline male white culture of the United States has treated like shit throughout history will probably come together to save the nation from itself.

I think Republicans will keep the House. As for the Senate… I think it will probably stay in GOP hands. If Democrats are able to win a majority, there's no way it will be filibuster-proof majority.

All of which is to say: GO VOTE.

My friend Anthony asked on Facebook a week or two ago why people vote. It was a pretty interesting and surprisingly cordial discussion that ensued, but I never responded. Here's why I vote, and why I think it is important, even if you don't live in a swing state.

Every vote counts. For one thing, your ballot is filled with down-ballot races and ballot questions. You may live in a solidly red or blue state when it comes to the presidential race, but your local elected representatives and officials have to get elected too, and the electoral pool is a lot smaller for those races. Moreover, those races can be super important. Don't like gerrymandering, or how elections are run, or the rules that you think keep good candidates off the ballot? The changes required to fix all of those problems happens at the state and local level, where any individual voter has significantly more impact than at the national level.

More importantly, though, even at the national level, the notion that your vote doesn't count because you live in a non-competitive state is bogus on its face. A state is blue or red because of its aggregate vote totals, i.e., the sum of how all the individual voters cast their votes. Not voting because you think your vote doesn't count is a tautology.

I think voting is the minimum bar of entry for participating in our political society. There are any number of people who overcome crazy obstacles to cast their ballot–just spend a bit of time googling pictures of the lines for early voting that is already happening. If you are able to get to your polling place, do it.

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