The protests need to continue, but I fear it will not end well.

Charles Pierce, writing at Esquire:

There seems to be little doubt now that the Trump presidency is likely to be marked by large-scale public demonstrations. The prospective Trump presidency already is marked by large-scale public demonstrations and he hasn't done anything yet except run a chaotic transition process and sneak out for a steak.

But whatever demonstrations occur, if Trump makes good on some of what he said he would do during the campaign, those demonstrations are not going to be limited to the streets of the big cities. And they're not going to be limited to angry college students and the Black Lives Matter movement. They're not even going to be limited to Democrats, or liberals, or any of the fantastic beasts of the Breitbartian collective imagination.

I think we will see an increasingly aggressive response to these demonstrations and protests from Trump, as well as from the police unions who overwhelming supported him during the campaign.

The more apocalyptic part of me wonders if this is how it really starts, with a Trump administration using the protests as an excuse to start cracking down on dissenters and anyone who threatens his authority.

It sounds crazy when I say it like that, but then, so did the idea of a white supremacist in the White House.

This is how authoritarians work, and that’s what Trump is.

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