Trump decides to grace the *New York Times* an interview.

Reading [the transcript of the NYT interview with His Supreme Vileness], I can understand why some Democrats and progressives are breathing a small sigh of relief. "Maybe this won't be so terrible," they are thinking. He says he is going to take a look at he Paris treaty. He say he isn't sure waterboarding is effective. He says he isn't going to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. He says he thinks the Times will be happy about his stance on libel laws.

No one should be at all reassured by any of this.

Trump has demonstrated throughout his campaign and his career that he will say anything he needs to in order to advance his own interests. While some of the "positions" (I use quotes because his stream-of-consciousness ramblings barely qualify) may sound like something that can be worked with, they are consistently undercut by the assumption that everything is so because he says it is so.

That is not how democracy works. The nice words in this interview are just that, and I don't see how anything has changed.

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