Telling people they have been conned doesn't generally work.

Nancy LeTourneau, writing at Washington Monthly:

We can all point the finger at United Technologies and villainize them for what they are doing to American workers. But once we’re done doing that, we still have to grapple with finding a solution. Obviously the Trump administration’s answer is to rob the federal treasury of taxes in order to entice companies like this to stay. As Isidore reports, that may created a window for someone like Trump to claim victory, but it is more than likely to be short-lived. Trade wars will only do more harm to American workers and won’t halt the march towards automation.

It’s clear that our president-elect doesn’t have any viable answers to these complex issues. His con job has been exposed. But it is past time for liberals to begin talking honestly about real solutions.

I agree entirely with her summary, but I am not sure what is to be done about it. Liberals' argument that Trump supporters have been conned by Trump (and, more broadly, by Republicans) may be true, but it is nearly impossible to make without sounding like a total dick. "You are a sucker, and you have fallen for a bunch of obvious lies spouted by a repulsive crazy person. Now please listen to what I have to say instead."

Of course no one is going to listen to whatever you follow that up with.

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