I just called Gov. Charlie Baker's office about declaring Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

Here is the script I wrote for myself:

Hi, my name is XXXX, and I live in XXXX.

I was just watching the statement by Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston on his intention to keep the city open and welcoming, and to protect the city’s immigrant population from unwarranted and unconstitutional threats from the federal government.

Given yesterday’s executive orders from the White House targeting immigrants and refugees, I want to know what the governor intends to do to similarly protect immigrants across the state, and when we can expect a similar statement from him.

The aide I spoke with directed me to the Governor's statement ealier today saying that he thought sanctuary status was a decision best left to cities and towns.

However, she added that they have been receiving calls throughout the day asking the Governor to declare Massachusetts a sanctuary state. She said that they were keeping track of how many calls they were receiving, and asked if I wanted to add my support to that list. I said absolutely, yes.

The phone number for the Governor's office is (617) 725-4005.

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