I just called Warren and Markey's offices about delaying the Sessions and Tillerson votes.

Warren's DC office line (202-224-4543) was busy and the voicemail in Boston (617-565-3170) was full, but after a few tries, I got through to a human in Springfield (413-788-2690). I thanked the Senator for supporting the Logan protesters this past weekend and asked if she would be pushing to delay votes on the Tillerson and Sessions nominations so that those two can answer questions about the immigration and NSC executive orders. The staffer did not have an answer, but said he would pass it along.

I was able to get through to a human in Markey's Boston office (617-565-8519) on the first try. I thanked the Senator for his announced opposition to the Tillerson and Pruitt nominations and the asked the same question regarding delaying the Tillerson and Sessions votes. The staffer said Markey did plan to press for delays on both votes.

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