The main argument I've seen for Trump not being a fascist is people's reluctance to use the word "fascist."

Will Bunch makes the case that Trump fits the bill:

I've been trying to notice all the "inconsequential" things in America, lately, during this so-called "time of transition" into Donald J. Trump's unprecedented (and not "unpresidented") presidency that begins in just over two weeks. By that, I mean all the news items which -- viewed in isolation -- seem a little weird or even "off," but not necessarily earth-shattering. Until you start adding them up and doing the math.

I feel like we need one of those jittery meters the New York Times had on election night, but with "not fascist" at one end and "fascist" at the other. That way, we could all sit here nervously watching the increasingly rapid chipping away of the norms of an open democratic society.

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