Charles Pierce on the DeVos confirmation

Charles Pierce, thinking through the potential responses to today's Senate confirmation of the reprehensible Betsy DeVos:

The most vital question is how will the Democratic and progressive base activists react to the kind of defeat they had on Tuesday. There are four options and, in the past, the Democratic party regularly has tried three of them: intra-party cannibalism, stunned acquiescence, and chronic me-too'ism that drives most people crazy. There is a fourth, of course, and that is to continue to throw sand in the gears by any legal means necessary, and if it takes marches to stiffen the backbones of the people in Congress, and to teach them that a fight is a good fight even if you lose it, then that's what the Democratic party should learn how to do again. There is a moment here, and it will not wait forever.

Personally, I'm going with Option #4. I hope you'll join me.

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