I just called the Governor’s office about his position on making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

Regarding sanctuary status for Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker is on record that it is a matter for municipalities to handle as they see fit. In other words, a cop-out.

I called Baker’s office (617-725-4005) just now to ask two questions:

  1. If sanctuary status is a local issue, what (if any) have been the governor’s directions to state-level departments such as the State Police that report to him as to how they should or should not interact with Immigration & Customs Enforcement?
  2. What is the governor’s position regarding towns and cities that do not protect their immigrant communities?

The rather bedraggled-sounding aide who answered the phone said that he was not able to speak on the governor’s behalf to answer those questions. I asked who in the office could answer my questions, and he said there was no one, and that when governor came to a position on the topic, he was sure there “would be an announcement put out there.”

Do you live in Massachusetts? Do you think that the governor ought to be able to provide some specific answers as to how the state will be protecting its immigrant population? Call his office at 617-725-4005 and ask! That number again, 617-725-4005!

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