Trump is a lot of things, but claiming that he is mentally ill is silly.

Donald Trump’s Power Is Scary, Not His Mental Health | The Nation:

Malignant narcissism doesn’t disqualify Trump from the presidency. Politicians are often by disposition narcissistic—and if they don’t begin that way, they are susceptible to the inducements towards narcissism encoded in holding office. Trump is cognizant and competent enough to wreck American democracy with every silly thought in his tufted head, whether in heat or in whatever amounts for him as cool consideration. The worse he does, the more important it becomes not to make him an exception. He’s playing the same game as his Republican associates in destructive degovernance, and they will continue to wreak havoc even if he goes down. Trump must be held accountable as an adult citizen responsible for his decisions. He should be impeached on legal grounds, which undoubtedly will snowball the longer he remains in power.

The argument that Trump is actually mentally ill is one that pops up in my social media feeds a few times a week. It usually consists of some armchair psychoanalysis, followed by some clamoring for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.

I find these arguments to be rather silly, and I mostly toss them into the same bin as those suggesting a vast conspiracy at work in the White House.

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