"You'll like it better with me."

While most of the discussion of Trump's speech yesterday has, understandably, focused on his ludicrous and disturbing claim that the press is under-reporting terrorsit attacks and that "they have their reasons," I find this part equally if not more distressing:

“We had a wonderful election, didn’t we?” Mr. Trump said. “I saw those numbers, and you liked me, and I liked you.”

While exit polls showed that about 60 percent of military personnel supported Mr. Trump in the November election, the armed forces are not a partisan institution and their members swear to obey their commander in chief, regardless of party.

Earlier on Monday, at a luncheon with enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, Mr. Trump went around his table asking who would remain in the military, and told them their experience would improve during his presidency.

“Come on; you have to stay,” he said to one luncheon companion. “You’ll like it better with me.”

Aside from providing yet another example of Trump's sad, desperate, and apparently constant need for approval and validation, it shows him actively trying to cultivate a personal connection between himself and the military, implying that they are on his side. The other side, presumably, would the the judicial system, the press, and the majority of the American people.

Tell us, Trump—what exactly will the military like better with you?

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