Bannon never left, and neither will Gorka.

A few weeks ago, we were treated to a bunch of drama about Kushner versus Bannon, Bannon being removed from the principles committee, Trump mad at Bannon, etc., and there was much clapping, cheering, and gloating. Then it all went quiet.

So, is Bannon still in the White House? Has he actually left?

Seems like he's still there:

When the White House backed off its efforts to dump Sebastian Gorka on another federal agency, the controversial counterterrorism advisor had the president himself to thank, The Daily Beast has learned.

After news emerged last week that the Trump administration was setting the stage to move the British-born national security aide out of the White House, President Donald Trump and his chief strategist Stephen Bannon “personally intervened” to put a halt to Gorka’s White House eviction, two senior administration sources said.

If you are not familiar with Gorka, the guy is a grade-A creep. He’s a British national with well-documented ties to Hungarian fascists, and he has managed to re-brand himself as some sort of counter-terrorism expert. Now he is an adviser to Trump. Slate has a pretty good summary of his background on a recent episode of their Trumpcast podcast.

Like Bannon, Gorka has supposedly been on the outs with Trump or one or more factions within Trump’s circle, and the last week or two have seen a swirl of “He’s out, no wait—he’s in!” stories. If the pattern holds, these stories will fade over the coming days, Gorka will stay where he is, and media attention will move on to something else, just as it has with Bannon.

Despite all the brouhaha, Bannon hasn’t gone anywhere. He is still Trump’s chief advisor. Gorka isn’t going anywhere either. We will probably see a round of these same sorts of stories about Jared Kushner in the not-too-distant future, but he won’t go anywhere either.

This sort of court-drama is a feature of autocratic regimes, which is exactly what Trump’s organization is.

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