Republican claims about pre-existing conditions are bullshit.

There are many awful things in the "healthcare" (and using quotes there gives a bad name to quotation marks everywhere) bill that the Republicans rammed through the House yesterday, and should it become law, people will die because of it.

One part in particular that needs to be called out, though, is this bullshit slight-of-hand around coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Trump has literally no idea what is in the abomination of a bill that the House Republicans rammed through yesterday, and he doesn't care. For that matter, the vast majority of the Republicans who voted for it have little to no idea what is in it, because most of them have not bothered to read it. Nonetheless, we will hear them all claiming that the legislation preserves the protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

This claim is bullshit.

The Republicans have deliberately crafted a brittle chain of state waivers, high-risk pools, and short-term supplemental funding that is intended to prop up this claim. In reality, they know that none of this stuff will work—they are counting on it.

Anyone telling you that this garbage bill doesn't gut protections for pre-existing conditions is either lying or ignorant.

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